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Each Planner at Lavender Hill Paper Company is uniquely designed to help you plan a life you love.

Stay Cozy this Winter

Seasonal Planners

Embrace each season for its unique beauty with these Seasonal Planners 

Think Pink Planner Collection

Pink Planners

Pink a State of Mind that you get to enjoy with our... 

Find Joy in the Everyday

Joy just radiates from this planner designed by STEM HS Artist, Sophia.

Find Joy in the ever day as you plan and organize your favorite moments

Find Joy Planners

Grow Your Own Way

Surround yourself with nature as you use these Growth Planners to help you become the person you were always meant to be

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Embrace Grace

An amazing colab with local PA artist Charity Muñoz brings this Embrace Grace Planner to life

Check out Charity's Art here

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Live Color Fully

Creativity Planners

The Creativity Collection is designed to help you brainstorm your most creative... 

The Big Life Planner to Plan Your Big Life

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